Thinking Clearly (About Ice)

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

The science behind making clear ice might sound difficult and fancy but it's actually very easy, as long as you have the right tools... so grab a travel cooler and an old bread knife, cause you got this!

At Craft Lounge (the mother of all things House Made) we hand carve every piece of ice daily that goes into any drink served "on a rock", it looks super cool, but here's the secret, its really not as hard as it looks.

Our goal for House Made is to help you, the Home Bartender, have some tricks up your sleeve to wow your guests, or even just treat yourself after a long hard day.

Before we dive too deep, if you haven't already, be sure you check out our post Ice 101 for an in-depth look at the different kinds of ice. It also includes links to resources and other nerdy ice science stuff.

The Cliff Notes version :

If you want to make clean ice, it's as easy as buying a cooler (or finding one in the garage), filling it with water and letting it freeze. When frozen cut it down into useable cubes. Keep reading for all the details.

So you bought the silicon molds for the big ice blocks from the fancy kitchen store, super excited to get home and pour your favorite whiskey over a nice big rock... You filled them with water, put them in the freezer, barely slept all night in anticipation and in the morning when you pulled them out this happened:

Sure, it's a big chunk of ice, but its got a weird ice cloud stuck in the middle. What's worse is as soon as that cloudy part of the ice touches the most precious whiskeys it instantly turns back to water and now your left with whiskey flavored water that taste like minerals...

So how do we get from this crappy science project ice to crystal clear beautiful ice?

There are many techniques, from boiling the water first, then double boiling, or a reverse osmosis filtration, who has time for that..? We're about to find out! To large scale coolers and high dollar ice molds inside coolers. I'm here to try all those things and report back on how they worked and what we do at the bar.

Get Inspired

Need more recipes? Keep checking back, every other week we're updating and posting new recipes, techniques, and product knowledge to the site.

Have any questions? Please don't hesitate to ask, if you're in Nampa, ID come on into the bar and ask away or if you're farther away drop a comment, ask a question, let us know what worked for you and what and we'll reply.

Cheers & Good luck!

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