The Dark and Stormy

Updated: May 5

I’m not sure who discovered this drink first, me or my father. But I can tell you this for certain, he almost exclusively drinks this drink. And though he’s not picky on the rum he puts into it, this is only one of 4 drinks that has a trademarked name, so you have to put Goslings in it. Who knew?

I'm not sure if you guys are interest in the history of this drink? so I kept it pretty short and sweet.

The story behind Goslings black seal rum begins in the 1800’s like most all good stories of cocktails. Some guy’s son (the guy being a liquor importer) sailed across the ocean from England and wound up on this side of the earth. Like all entrepreneurs he was selling his product in any way he could, mostly by filling up everyone’s used bottles, saving him time and money on packaging. (smart guy) after WW1 broke out, he started putting his rum in champagne bottles (that he probably found) and was sealing them with black wax. Then all his patrons started asking for the black seal, referring to the color of the wax seal. And thus, we have a name. (the story has some more detail but you can google that is you want to know)

Then around the same time, those same patrons (mostly British navy guys) put some of their beloved dark rum on top of ginger beer and someone said it looks like “the color of a cloud only a fool or a dead man would sail under.” And the dark and stormy has a name.

Now like all great inventions and drinks everyone else wanted to rip it off, and well goslings wanted to make sure it was there’s. It is a wonderful drink after all, so finally in 1991 they were awarded a trademark on the name, being one of 4 trademarked drinks in existence today. Luckily for us they don’t specify the type if ginger beer.

Dark and stormy:

1.5 oz. Goslings black rum

1 oz. House Made Ginger Syrup

.5 oz. lime juice

5 oz. soda water

Put House Made Ginger Syrup, lime juice and soda water into a glass, make sure the syrup is incorporated. Fill the glass with ice and float the Goslings on top. Garnish with mint and a lime.

Now from our podcast we were thinking what about a dark and stormy daiquiri? Not sure how Goslings would feel about the name play but we’ll still use their rum, it is pretty awesome after all.

Dark and stormy daiquiri

2 oz. goslings dark rum

.75 oz. lime juice

.75 oz. ginger syrup

Combine in shaker, shake, strain into a coupe, garnish with lime wedge.

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