The boarding pass

Updated: May 5

Damn what a good drink. If you haven’t tried it yet you probably should. It’s a combination of a smokey noise with a sweet and spicy mid pallet with a nutty finish. It’s the perfect nightcap drink.

2 oz. bourbon

.5 oz. simple syrup

.5 oz. water

4-5 dashes House Made Pecan bitters

Lagavulin 16 rinse

House Made Smoked Salt rim.

  • Rim the glass with House Made Smoked Salt and rinse the glass with Lagavulin 16

  • Combine all ingredients into glass

  • Enjoy

This is what’s known as a scaffa style drink. Which is probably the easiest kind to make. There’s not ice, no mixing, and sometimes no dilution. (we add water to this drink, but try it without? You might like it more)

Scaffa is just the combination of ingredients in the glass served at room temperature.

If you want to know how I came to have invented this drink read on! If you don’t care the recipe is above.

Back in 2017 before I opened Craft Lounge, me and my business partner went on a little R&D excursion around the greater Boise area just to size up the competition and see what everyone else was up too. We took notes on what we liked and what we didn’t like. I’m pretty sure we were out during the fall because every cocktail menu was of the warming variety. Lots of apple, nuts, whiskey and so on.

On our journey we stopped in at a Hotel bar downtown called The Modern. These guys lead the way in innovation, winning all sorts of awards and always producing kick ass drinks. They had a seasonal pairing there called the layover. (weird sounds kinda similar) this drink was a pairing of whiskey sweetened with a scotch based simple syrup and served with a side of candied pecans.

That drink was epic. Beautiful pairing, and became the base inspiration for the boarding pass. I became obsessed with trying to figure out how they made it, like most bars they hold their drink recipes secret, I obviously don’t think that’s very cool so that’s why we post literally everything here to this sight. Anyways I spend several days back and forth from the liquor store and grocery store trying to find ingrediencies, and trying a ton of combinations. With the help of my dad and my wife, we finally nailed down what they had done. We had used makers 46 and Shackleton for the scotch. But with the grand opening of the bar fast approaching I wanted to design a drink like this, that combined that wonderful pecan whiskey with a smokey savory bite into a one-handed cocktail that we could serve at the grand opening. With everyone mingling and talking I didn’t want their hands to be tied down. Now at the time I was way into making bitters, so naturally I thought that would be the best way to infuse the pecan flavor into this drink, I also thought that the best part about the scotch was the noise, not necessarily the flavor for this application so I removed it from the syrup and atomized it over the glass. (atomizing is when you put liquids into a spray bottle and spritz them into the air, gives them crazy aromatic properties)

The salt was born from one of my most loyal guest and good friend at the time Jim. He took some Keltic sea salt and smoked it for me. It turned out so good that that’s still the recipe we use to this day for our salt rims.

Well I think that’s it. The new drink I invented was called the boarding pass, and it went over very well at the grand opening and is still to this day among the most popular drinks we make. So popular in fact that I’m in the process of packaging our bitters and our salt rim so everyone can make it at home. So stay tuned for when those products launch!

Thanks for reading, I hope you found this information interesting.


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