Simple Syrup. Just How Simple Is It?

Updated: Mar 19

Everything you need to know so you never have to buy that expensive little blue bottle again!

This article will focus on simple syrup. Now despite the name its actually really easy to fudge this critical ingredient up. Here at Craft Lounge we use this syrup as a base for almost all of our syrups. Now there are two basic kinds of granulated sugar syrups, simple and rock syrup. Rock syrup can also be called rich simple. Now the recipe for simple syrup is 1:1 one-part sugar and one-part water. As for the rock syrup it is 2 parts sugar to one-part water.

Ok so now the hard part… well for some. Syrup recipes and large formatted cocktail recipes are always labeled as parts. So to get a 1:1 ratio we have to use a measuring method that will transfer between the 2 substances. Since water is denser than the sugar 1 cup of water weighs roughly 193g and a cup of sugar can vary wildly depending on the size of granules you use, the best method for measure is going to be by weight.

I know your probably saying, WTF? I don’t have a scale, and I need a scale to make drinks? Well I’m going to say that I think everyone should have a scale in their kitchen. They are unbelievably handy, I use ours almost every day, how else are you going to make sure your burgers come out to 7oz’s so that they all cock evenly, or your making 1 ½ oz tortillas, or that you know you’re eating 8oz of chicken at dinner and not ruining your calorie count for the day. Scales will make you consistent, and for us consistency is everything.

Now you don’t need to spend a fortune on a scale. One of my favorite scales is from the OXO brand. Here’s a link to amazon:­

or you could pick up a scale at Target or Walmart or Fred Meyer

or this Ozeri scale:

Ok so now what? Now let’s make syrup!

I would use a measuring cup with a pour spout on it. Set it on the scale and make sure the scale is zeroed! Start with the sugar and you can make as much or as little as you’d like. Sime syrup will keep in the fridge for about a month or more before it goes bad, just make sure it’s in a closed container. For this example, I did 50gs sugar and 50gs water. Add the sugar, then add HOT water. And stir until all the sugar granules are dissolved, it may take a minute or two. But that’s it! Now you have simple syrup and are ready to put that stuff in some drinks!

For the rock syrup you would just increase the sugar. So, if you wanted to yield 100gs you would do 66.66gs of sugar and 33.33gs of water. Or just bump it up to an even number and do 100gs of sugar and 50gs of water. For that syrup you should use heat to dissolve all the granules. It is actually important that you do not bring this syrup to a boil, once water starts to boil you will lose water to steam and it will start to distort your ratio.

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